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I am back on the subject of the ‘Writing Magazine’ again – another interesting article appeared in this month’s edition on collective nouns. The article was really to promote Chloe Rhodes’ book ‘An Unkindness of Ravens: A Book of Collective Nouns.’

The article gave some interesting examples. ‘A Kindle of Kittens’, (from where did Amazon get their word Kindle?). Another example if ‘A misbelief of painters’ which refers to artists, in particular, portrait painters tended to strike a balance between truth and flatter. This, in turn, reminded me of Samuel Cooper, famous for his paintings of Oliver Cromwell.

Cooper was regarded as the best miniature portrait painter of his day. Cooper had painted an earlier portrait of Cromwell soon after he came to power, in which he appeared to have received Botox, and the face looked more noble, but later Cooper gave the famous order for less flattery and more…

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5 thoughts on “A COLLECTIVE NOUN FOR WRITERS? by K J Rollinson

  1. kathyrollinson Post author

    Thanks Janice for following back on my blog. Also, thanks for your e-mail on the questionnaire. I’ll send it back to you a.s.a.p. What do you think the name should be for a collective name for Writers? I’ve put it on Facebook and the favourite (English spelling) seems to be ‘A Quill of Writers’. There were some comments that this was old-fashioned, as most people type on a computer nowadays,but I suggested perhaps this implied a tradition – back to Shakespeare and beyond. Happy new Year to you, too.


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