My Interview With Viv Drewa — Indie Author, Owl Enthusiast, and a Wonderful Woman



I’ve know Viv for a couple of years and she’s always supported me by sharing my posts and encouraging me in my literary endeavors. I’ve come to know her as a thoughtful women with a great outlook on life, and a strangely unshakable attraction to anything pertaining to owls. Read on and get to know the person behind the @V@.





Hi Viv.  Let’s start you out with a softball question.  What made you become a writer?


It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I loved reading at an early age so that just came naturally.


Do you like listening to different kinds of music while you write or one genre in particular?


No. I like it quiet when I’m writing.


You’re also a blogger and you do plenty of sharing as well. What makes you feel good about helping others?



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