Cap’n Joe’s Interview about Andy’s “AWESOME” Story

A must buy when the revised version comes out in June 2014

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Cap’n Joe: Can you tell my readers a little about your background nationality/ancestry?

Andy: Originally from Swansea, Wales, UK, I am an innovative, chartered professional in the oil & gas industries. I have in-depth knowledge of LNG Plants, upstream and downstream oil & gas facilities, storage tanks, cross country, desert and subsea pipelines and my story explains events in over 24 countries, some of which I shouldn’t have survived. Who’d believe one person has been ambushed, shot at, escaped a murder attempt in Kazakhstan, had cholera, fled Venezuelan rioters, hid in the bottom of a taxi in the middle of thousands of Hugo Javis protesters in Caracas, had voodoo done to them twice and survived a medical emergency evacuation from Nigeria? 

Cap’n Joe: When you finished your debut novel, how did you feel?

Andy: I guess a form of relief would be my first thought. I’ve had so much going…

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